December 14, 2022

Elevāt, HydraForce, and Tan Delta Joint Effort Optimizes Machine Operations with Integrated Real-Time Hydraulic and Oil Condition Monitoring and Management

With newly unified telematics solution, mobile equipment manufacturers and fleet operators can now deliver instant proactive hydraulic systems maintenance recommendations for lower operational costs and enhanced uptime.

December 14, 2022 – Seattle, WA – Together, HydraForce, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic values, manifolds, and eletro-hydraulic systems, Tan Delta Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of real-time oil quality monitoring sensors and systems, and Elevāt, leading industrial IoT connected machines application provider, help eliminate the most common causes of off-highway machine downtime. The modern mobile machine telematics solution from Elevāt seamlessly incorporates into manifold assemblies using HydraForce cartridge values with Tan Delta state-of-the-art oil conditioning sensors. The integrated solution provides a centralized portal along with email and text alerts providing fleet operators with remote monitoring, control, and optimization capabilities for field-deployed assets.

“The team at HydraForce came to Elevāt because they wanted a solution that would support remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, live updates, and proactive telematics reports. They also wanted a fully integrated portal experience for fleet operators and mobile equipment manufacturers that delivers an easy-to-use interface and fast access to data and reports in a clear format so issues can be addressed before they impact machine operation. We are proud to be working with HydraForce and Tan Delta to deliver a solution that will maximize uptime and lower costs,” said Adam Livesay, Co-Founder, Elevāt.

“Elevāt’s Machine Connect application is paired with the Tan Delta oil conditioning sensors to provide operators with machine operational data and deliver customized alerts to inform the operator or owner when hydraulic fluids require maintenance. The combination of an electronic controller architecture with telematics, provides multiple benefits to users, including real-time data and ongoing alerts of oil conditions. The reported information will prevent excessive wear of hydraulic components and catastrophic failures that can occur when machines are in operation, thus, leading to increased productivity, and reductions in machine downtimes and maintenance costs,” says Russ Schneidewind, Director of Business Development, HydraForce.  

“Through accurate monitoring of oil health, maintenance scheduling can also be optimized as equipment is serviced only when required, and operators can rest assured that any unexpected changes in the oil condition will be immediately detected and reported. This can also extend the operational life of equipment and overall machine health, as optimal oil conditions prevent unnecessary wear and tear,” explains Chris Greenwood, Managing Director, Tan Delta Systems.

The infographic below demonstrates how the integrated telematics solution supports fleet managers in remotely monitoring and managing field-deployed mobile assets.                    

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HydraForce is a wholly owned US business, which was first established in Chicago, USA in1985. It remains a privately-owned company, with manufacturing facilities across the world, including North America, Great Britain, Brazil, and China.


The company designs and manufactures high performance hydraulic fluid power cartridge valves, custom manifolds, and electro-hydraulic controls. It has created thousands of custom control solutions for a variety of off-highway industries, encompassing farming, construction, marine, material handling, mining, and forestry.



Tan Delta is the world’s leading specialist oil condition monitoring company. Patented core technology combines with unmatched experience to deliver products and system solutions which enable precise, real time monitoring of any oil type in any application. This reliable information enables equipment operators to optimize maintenance and significantly reduce operating costs and improve productivity.