March 10, 2021

Elevāt EZ Delivers Cloud-Connected Machines in Minutes with Straightforward Deployment and Customizable Monitoring

SEATTLE, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Elevāt, a leading global IoT connected machines SaaS innovator, today announced the release of Elevāt EZ, a turnkey monitoring, tracking and management solution for machines of all types. Elevāt EZ connects your heavy machinery to the cloud, configures quickly, and provides immediate improvements in uptime, output, security, and machinery asset management with a user-friendly application platform.

"With the release of Elevāt EZ, we are taking the heavy lifting out of connecting machines to the cloud. The plug and play hardware and flexible software application eliminate the downtime and difficult, time-consuming deployment associated with typical IoT solutions available today," says Adam Livesay, Chief Revenue Officer, Elevāt. "In developing Elevāt EZ, we had one primary goal in mind; hassle-free fleet-wide access to field-deployed machine assets for equipment manufacturers, fleet operators, owners and users regardless of where in the world the assets are used," says Livesay.

Elevāt EZ connects in minutes, increases control, decreases operational costs, and extends the useful life of machines. The platform provides detailed GPS and geofencing capabilities, alarms and notifications to any device, usage, parts, fuel and operational reporting and up to 10 custom configured data points. Elevāt EZ+ provides faster data transmission rates and remote command and control capabilities. Learn more about Elevāt EZ


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