May 10, 2022

Elevāt Extends Jump-Start Program, Activāt, that Ensures Off-Highway Machine IoT Dividends

Elevāt Extends Jump-Start Program, Activāt, that Ensures Off-Highway Machine IoT Dividends

Unique process from Elevāt assures machine telematics IoT results with program that begins before field deployment to industrial machines begins.


May 10,2022 – Seattle, Washington Elevāt, a leading global IoT connected machines SaaS innovator, today announced the Activāt Mobile Machine IoT (MM-IoT) Jump-Start program to deliver machine telematics to connected mobile assets with a custom-tailored implementation process for success. Heavy equipment OEMs and off-highway fleet operators gained a better process for ensuring mobile machine IoT implementations deliver measurable results once deployed. The 4-step process provides a clear path that is unique to each organization’s deployment of Elevāt software. With the Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start, criteria for organization-specific use cases, vehicle types, and user profiles are taken into account, while customized design requirements are developed and clear desired outcomes and KPIs are defined.


“Having been in the industrial and off-highway machine market for decades, we witnessed the biggest pitfalls that often came up when implementing innovative solutions. With the Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start, we head off issues before deployment even begins. This eliminates false starts and eliminates wasting time and money. Plus, it leads to a more streamlined deployment process and delivers immediate results that align with desired outcomes,” says Adam Livesay, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Elevāt.

“One-size-fits-all solutions do not work when it comes to complex IoT telematics implementations. That is why it is crucial to begin with a discovery process that helps our team understand how the client plans to utilize Elevāt’s solutions, everyone that will use the applications, and any client-specific requirements. The Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start program also includes a pilot phase that allows for feedback and an action plan prior to going into full production,” explains Livesay.

The Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start program creates a sustainable mobile machinery IoT solution. Learn more by visiting Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start.


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