OEM OFF-HIGHWAY: Cummins and Elevāt Partner to Extend OEM IoT Capabilities

The new collaboration provides a platform for OEMs, dealers and end users to monitor a machine’s maintenance, uptime and use.

Cummins announced that it is integrating its Cummins Connected Diagnostics application with the Elevāt Machine Connect IoT platform. With this collaboration, Cummins engines that are installed in millions of mobile machines will use  Elevāt software to provide real-time recommendations regarding the health of the engines while using the Elevāt platform to monitor the machines’ maintenance, uptime and use. The major benefit is that many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can have their own Internet of Things (IoT) machine monitoring solutions.

In a recent interview, I talked with Adam Livesay, founder of Elevāt, and Ed Hopkins, digital solutions business leader for Cummins, about this mutually beneficial partnership. In this Q&A, they discuss why they collaborated, how the partnership benefits OEMs and future opportunities that will improve communications for OEMs and customers.

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