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Forestry: Chipping Higher Yields


Aftermarket parts sales


Higher uptime


Reduction in inconsistent yields

Overview: Wood Chipper Manufacturer Aims to Increase Yields 
Our partner in forestry manufactures large wood chippers that convert trees into uniform wood chips to later be burned as biomass fuel. In order to burn efficiently, wood chip quality is highly emphasized in this industry and is maintained at over 80% consistency. With constant use, the blades inside the wood chippers begin to dull. This gradually depreciates product quality and the production efficiency. The problem here is twofold: dull blades lead to unsatisfactory wood chips while inefficient machine usage causes excess fuel consumption and decreased yields. Manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to understand their machines better and find a way to ensure a quality product for the users.
The Solution:  Proactive Maintenance and Replacement Parts
As experts in their industry, the manufacturer discovered that measuring the engine’s torque revealed differences in resistance. These differences correspond to how sharp the blades are in the wood chippers. By monitoring the resistance, machine owners can identify the exact moment the machines begin to operate inefficiently. Further, machine owners now have the opportunity to proactively schedule maintenance on their blades and increase yields and uptime. The manufacturer needed to find a solution to track the engine’s torque and other metrics to provide insights on the use and performance of the woodchippers. They chose to use the Elevāt EZ platform due to its detailed tracking capabilities, intuitive application, and easy implementation.
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The Results: Increased Yields and Less Downtime
Using the Elevāt EZ platform, the users receive alerts when the machine is working outside of its optimal range. Then, replacement parts are ordered proactively so machine yields and quality remain high. Since implementing Elevāt, the manufacturer has increased efficiencies across their operations. Now they can predict the requirements for aftermarket parts and maintenance service. In addition, customers utilize the manufacturer’s website to request parts and service saving both the customers and the manufacturer time and money. The manufacturer has been able to ensure their customers a better, more consistent product while saving on costs with efficient machine operation.
Elevāt Web Application - Aftermarket Parts
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