Streamlined Remote Management for Mobile Machines
Elevāt is a leading global IoT connected machines SaaS innovator.
  • Full functionality end-to-end mobile and industrial IoT solution
  • Fast deployment, immediate detailed reporting, and proactive alerts to any device
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Extended the useful life of machines
  • Safety and security
  • Automation of aftermarket parts ordering and fulfillment
STW Technic is an innovative leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of electronic solutions for mobile machines and off-highway vehicles.
  • Reliable, robust and flexible hardware and software solutions
  • Best-in-class remote asset management software platform
  • An experienced team of mobile machine support experts focused on eliminating risk
  • Comprehensive engineering development, analysis, consulting, and implementation
Together Elevāt and STW Technic provide:
Leading Hardware Designs & Manufacturing
Elevāt Machine Connect+ integrates with STW Technic’s breadth of gateways, controllers, sensors, and displays for enhanced mobile machine capabilities.  These reliable and flexible controllers, peripherals, and measurement devices help to increase the amount of on-machine data available so that manufacturers and integrators can meet specific customer requirements.
Best-in-Class Remote Asset Management
STW Technic’s remote asset management platform - Reach - is founded on over 25 years of industry knowledge, along with direct input from platform users and machine operators. This platform enables users to remotely provision, troubleshoot, and perform other advanced tasks on their machines, all from an intuitively designed interface.
A Comprehensive MM-IoT Platform
Elevāt Machine Connect+ and STW Technic’s Reach combine to create a flexible and scalable Mobile Machine IoT (MM-IoT) platform. The Elevāt and Reach platforms seamlessly exchange data to enable features such as Sleep Mode, Remote File Deployment, and Edge Device Applications, while unlocking valuable machine insights for maintenance and monetization. Learn more about these features HERE.
Reduced Complexity and Risk
Together, Elevāt and STW Technic bring over 50 years of combined mobile machinery experience. We have been supporting a broad range of industries including agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, and much more. Elevāt and STW Technic, together offer you unparalleled industry and application knowledge. See our use case examples HERE.
Built by Engineers for Your Machines
The engineering, design, and analytics experts at Elevāt and STW Technic will help you  deliver  more from every machine you have deployed. Plus, get the insights and support needed for your next innovations on your machines in development. Our teams are ready to  discover the next-generation of MM-IoT applications for your machines.
"This new integration of Elevāt’s Machine Connect and STW Technic’s Reach platform creates a complementary system of complete remote asset management and cloud data monetization for mobile machine OEMs, fleet owners, and dealers alike."
Carson SpencerPresident
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