Activāt MM-IoT Jump-Start

Connecting for Intelligent Machine Manufacturing and Operations

what we do

We Help You Listen to Your Machines

Intelligent Guidance

We support you in connecting yesterday’s systems and processes with the future of connected industrial machines and automated collaboration.


Leverage the 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience Elevāt brings to the table to institute processes that support automation and innovation across your entire supply chain.


Define your desired outcomes and establish the best means of accomplishing your goals.


Create an environment, reports, alerts, and dashboards to meet your specific requirements.


Elevāt Activāt Jump-Start Process

Use Our Experience

As industry-insiders with over 30 years of industrial manufacturing experience, we couldn’t find a solution that met the needs of our customers, and that’s why we have brought together a team of industrial leaders, technologists and software developers to help you bridge the gap between yesterday and today. We help you cross the gap and design your future to deliver more to your customers, while growing your business.

A Four-Step Process

Our consulting services leverage a four-step process that considers every angle of the relationship between machinery OEMs, users including fleet operators and end-users, in addition to how the Elevāt MM-IoT solution blends into the relationship to create success and realized objectives.

Our Approach

Step 1: Discover

Elevāt will take a deep dive into the individual applications with OEMs and end-users to ensure that all needs are met, so the system is a success from the first deployment. Elevāt can develop a process for implementing your needs in manageable deployments to ensure your metrics for success.

Step 2: Customization

We work with your team to understand and define the unique requirements of your business operations, process management, application environment, and product lifecycle management. Taking this full-picture view ensures the ultimate solution will meet your specific needs and requirements.

Step 3: Deployment

The deployment phase consists of a schedule of sprints that lead up to a pilot and ultimately to the release of your purpose-built, customized environment.

Step 4: Evaluation

When your environment goes into production, we are not done. The Elevāt team continues to provide ongoing support even after your Elevāt solution goes live.
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