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Construction: Building a Better Future


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Overview: Managing Diverse Construction Fleets
A major national construction firm was utilizing a broad range of machines to deliver results for their customers. On a construction site, they would use bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, loaders, and more. Each machine has unique maintenance schedules. They were also using many different brands of equipment. The construction firm was seeking a better solution to monitoring and managing the performance of their mixed fleet. They looked to Elevāt to help them monitor multiple machines on one, consolidated platform and keep more accurate and reliable logs while ensuring proactive maintenance of their many machines.
The Solution: Making Construction Machine Management Easier
By interviewing various departments, the Elevāt team was able to understand what areas needed improvement and what changes would generate the greatest business value. Most machines are equipped with many basic indicators, and after installing additional sensors, the construction firm gained access to a wide range of metrics to monitor and manage machine performance. After the fast and easy deployment, the construction firm was able to customize their Elevāt platform to display the most important data for quick insight into the productivity of the entire fleet.
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The Results: Simplifying Mixed Construction Fleet Monitoring and Management
Elevāt provided construction managers of the mixed fleet a simplified solution for maintaining their machines. Automatic communication of each machine’s needs through constant and reliable reporting help minimize inefficient communication while maximizing time and resources. Managers across the construction firm have easy access to data reports and receive alerts to enable prompt servicing across the fleet. Better reporting and maintenance have helped the construction firm protect their equipment assets and extend the lifespan of each machine in their fleet. The construction firm is utilizing their equipment more efficiently by using it where and when it is needed the most. Management is also using the data to guide future purchasing decisions. The benefits of the Elevāt solution don’t stop here. The construction firm plans to use machine learning to further optimize the use of their fleet. 
Elevāt Web Application - Map View (Mixed Fleets)
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