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elevāt Predictive Maintenance

Make one of the most neglected aspects of machine maintenance easy, efficient and fully-integrated with your internal processes with elevāt Predictive Maintenance.

Innovative, Automated Prevention

Make it easy for you and your customers to simplify and automate preventative maintenance and parts orders. Notifications for scheduled inspections, service maintenance contract renewals and warranty alerts go out automatically. This means inefficient and unreliable manual work order processes can be eliminated, while increasing customer satisfaction and extending the life of every asset you deliver.

elevāt Predictive Maintenance can be customized based on the business processes you and your customers already use. The machine data you are already tracking with elevāt Industrial IoT is used to create use-based parts replacement protocols. Your services and aftermarket parts businesses grow, while eliminating unnecessary emails, phone calls, CRM and ERP updates and manual maintenance scheduling.

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