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Getting a view across your entire fleet is fast and easy with elevāt Industrial IoT. It implements in minutes and immediately provides real-world insights to how your equipment is being used and maintained in the field.

Actionable Real World Insights

As a manufacturer of commercial machinery and equipment, once the assets leave your factory you lack any information about how it is being used and maintained. This leads to costly service calls and untimely warranty returns. It also limits important knowledge that could be playing an important role in your R&D efforts and your ability to build better next-generation machines.

Now, with elevāt Industrial IoT you will know what replacement parts are needed before an asset fails, proactively help your customers increase their output and make advancements in your technology that will deliver more value with time. This turnkey application automates complex, manual processes associated with monitoring and managing everyday servicing of your accounts and their equipment assets. It turns spreadsheets, emails and phone calls into one centralized system that improves customer service.

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