Connecting the Industrial World from Edge to Core

Get more from your machinery, vehicles and other assets, immediately. elevat is an intuitive easily configurable platform that captures, transmits and translates a myriad of vital information. Within seconds, you can “light up” your machines, and begin to truly hear what they’re saying about where and how they are.

elevat Core

The elevat Core dashboard allows you to visually understand your assets in real-time. Our single pane of glass user interface allows you to see your assets while allowing flexibility to customize, drag and drop, and add widgets as you would like to see without the need for code.

Our assets come to life through the templating and rules engine to notify you on alerts for key data points on the assets in your organization.

elevat Edge

The elevat Edge gets you connected in matter of minutes. Our Edge software allows you to intelligently optimize the data to manage, filter, and aggregate without the need for coding. This smart data processing technology allows for our customers to collect important data while saving costs in transferring this data to the cloud.

Our assets are managed, analyzed, and controlled through the elevat Core platform by configuring templates and analytics that is customized to your solution.

Get elevat Cloud IoT Management and Enjoy:

Immediate Value

Get the real-time data you need, right away. elevat is the only enterprise-ready system that’s ready to go right out of the box. Easily installed “gateways” connect your vial assets to our cloud platform. You can start reaping instant value from real-time, usable data.

Infinite Scalability

Connect all the machines you want. Collect all the data points you want. Scale up or down as you like. elevat instantly adapts to meet your changing needs.

Intuitive Operation

elevat features an elegant, user-friendly dashboard. The interface is template-based for easy configuration. There’s no need to code. Use drop-down menus to capture the specific data points you want. Use drag-and-drop widgets to easily read and understand a myriad of inputs such as temperature, fuel levels, RPMs, location, speed and much, much more. Set alerts to prevent breakdowns and maximize productivity.

Segmented Security

The highest security is maintained through segmentation. Hacking any individual segment gets intruders nowhere. From the physical gateway data-capture through connection to our cloud platform, every leg of data transmission is equipped with different security protocols, each of which are changed continuously.


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“IoT is transforming the industrial marketplace. Machines are now able to talk and give us more information, driving new business models. Elevat is going to help connect with industrial machines to make them more valuable than ever.”

— Adam Livesay, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer