Elevāt E-Track

Cost-effective Asset Tracker for Powered and Non-Powered Equipment

  • Geolocation
  • In-service time
  • Geofence
  • Track & Trace
  • Conditional maintenance
  • Asset utilization
  • Fast deployment of assets
Starts at $9/month
Streamlined Geotracking Solution
Elevāt’s E-Track provides a streamlined powered and non-powered equipment geotracking solution for vehicles and assets that require geolocation, geotracking, and in-service data. Elevāt E-Track can be integrated with Elevāt’s Machine Connect platform for a full end-to-end mobile machine telematics solution.
  • Daily Operations  – Provides quick access to vehicle location for optimized field operations.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Reduces operational costs for remote locations with streamlined field plans and fast response times.
  • Flexible OptionsLow cost solutions from $9/month. Perfect cost-effective solution for less-complex assets and reporting requirements.
  • Fast Implementation – Plug-and-play solution that is as easy to implement as it is to use.
  • Simple Reporting – Provides the basics, so you know where your vehicles and assets are and how long they have been operating.
  • Easy Installation Installs and begins transmitting in minutes. Simply install the plug-and-play hardware and begin receiving transmissions almost instantly. Reporting and tracking with E-Track software makes it easy to improve response times and drive down operational costs.
  • Superior Control – Provides geofencing functionality and remote tracking for superior control.
  • Easy Integration – Integrates with Elevāt’s Machine Connect and/or Elevāt EZ for the vehicles you want full-function mobile machine IoT telematics monitoring and reporting for.
Affordable Geotrack & Geotrace Solution
E-Track is the perfect solution for asset tracking that doesn’t require detailed monitoring and reporting. This lower cost tracking solution provides an alternative to comprehensive telematics when you only require location tracking services and in-service time data.
Simplify Field Operations
E-Track keeps track of key data points so fleet managers can focus on getting more projects delivered faster and safer.
In addition, your organization can use E-Track as part of a complete system for simple track and trace and add it to your more complete asset telematics monitoring and tracking with Elevāt’s Machine Connect. You may not require much data for your basic assets, yet other more complex machines require detailed tracking and reporting. Combining E-Track for basic assets while using Machine Connect for your complex assets, allows you to get a big picture view of all your powered equipment assets.
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